Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reporter RDG Milano Leather Jacket Scam

So, my brother comes over with 3 supposedly Dolce & Cabana jackets.  Yet, when I looked at them all I see its label reads "Reporter RDG Milano."  My brother told me that some guy stopped him in the parking lot at a mall here in San Antonio, Texas.  This guy was dressed in a suit, called my brother over, told him he was flying back to Italy and couldn't take these jackets back with him because he would have to pay taxes on them.  My brother said this guy had an italian accent, drove a rental car, showed him his papers/passport/plane tickets, was nicely clean cut, and told my brother he was trying to get rid of these D&C jackets he had in his car.  There were 4 and he was trying to sell them for $600 total.  My brother said he didn't have that, so he tried to ignore the italian guy.  Very persistant, the guy continued to call on my brother.  My brother saw that jackets, was impressed, and told the guy he only had $183.  The guy agreed to give him the 4 jackets for $183.  My brother turned and reached for his money to hand over to this guy.   By the time my brother pulled out all the jackets to look at them, he noticed that only 3 were included and this mysterious italian guy was long gone.  I searched the web for this brand of jackets and found nothing.  Then, I eventually came across a website talking about this exact scam going on in America and we could not stop laughing.  So many people throughout the country have been scammed with this exact same scenario.   Although the jackets are brand new, smell new, smell like some leather, aren't bad looking.............don't fall for it.  Offer a much lower amount for the jackets....like $50 for all of them, lol.  I hope these guys get caught.